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Unknown Parasites: Preston Rail Sesh 2014

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Featuring: Raymond Inskipp III, Robin Watson & Sam Marden

Music: Tame Impala – The Sun

Marv’s Savour Part

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Music: The Jam – Private Hell (1979)

To purchase ‘SAVOUR’ in it’s entirety click HERE!!!

The Great North RUN 2014

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Unknown Parasites

Broge’s taking the Bupa Great North Run head on this year and his running it for The Prince’s Trust a charity that helps disadvantaged young people in the UK to change their lives. A few words from the man himself……

Hi everybody can you please take a minute and donate what ever you can to help me raise my fundraising goal. Ive been wanting to run this (The Great North Run) for the past few years but never got round to it so I’ve made sure I entered this year. I’ve been training hard this last year, my goal is to complete the race in 1hr 45mins but we’ll just see what happens on the day, but if you can please donate its all for a good cause and a great personal accomplishment so thanks for reading and get donating…..

- Follow the link below -



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Bedford, Castelluzzo, Houck, Simpson, and Wescott

Valentine – Take You Back
The Menahan Street Band – Going The Distance

Extraction Shift

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A short video by James Newrick

Extraction Shift explores a world that appears dystopian, yet the reality achieved is one we have strived for. In a reconfigured landscape, the conditioned industrial day‐to‐day practices are re‐applied to the new environment. This becomes apparent when we clock into places of recreation or when the call centre worker mans their workstation like a loom.

In this period of mans progression through the technological and intelligence economy, our most profitable resource has become data produced via online social platforms.

With vast amounts of data produced by over a billion users, this enables companies to assume a unique position. Allowing them to generate new economic growth, but also to study a user’s habits, and experiment with behavioural patterns while we remain constantly connected, generating new economies without conscious consent.

This allows prolific online companies to; persuade users to spend more time on the sites generating more resources. Manning a digital loom, the subject of clause in the relationship between worker and profiteer is unclear; the user becomes producer and the resource to be mined. Mining personal data is a billion‐dollar business designed to garner eyeballs, elicit purchases and shape behaviour.

Out In The STREETS Part 6

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Wear Street Sunderland BMX Unknown ParasitesWe Are Wearside

Cragz Unknown ParasitesRain Stopped Play

Sunderland Unknown Parasites BMXInskipp III Boost Wallride

Unknown Parasites Sunderland StreetSunniside: Late Night Lurking

Street Spot Bmx Washington UKEach Window Hides An Angry 9 To 5er…..

Unknown ParasitesThar She Blows…. Washington Spot Hunting.


Peg Carver Unknown Parasites SunderlandStadium Of Light Wall Extract

FBM ALBERT STREET BMXAlbert STREET: Spotted while riding SEAHAM.

Cragz Vs The DeckContrast Failure: Cragz Vs The Deck (SEAHAM)

Temple Park Banks BMX(no caption required)

Unknown Parasites 2014

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For our fellow compadre Paul Fletcher, For reasons that have already been stated on here!

Music: Pablo – The Story Of Sampling


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Mark Gralla, Jeff Kocsis, Dave Belcher, and Tom White

Music: The Grass Roots – I’d Wait A Million Years.

Fletch Part II

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Unknown Parasites Fletch BMXDislocated ankle and a broken Tibia & Fibula…. Get well soon boss!!

This terrible skeleton malfunction took place while he was riding the new temporary flat rail on the wasteland-esque area near the park and looks like a healing period of 12 weeks is going to be required before he can return to the pedals. In Honour of “THE ANKLE” I have an edit dropping tomorrow all filmed on the rail in question. It’s going to be featuring Benn, Cookie, Cragz, Dchum, Haz, Jordan, Rax III, Sam, Scott Thompson, Telly and will be around 4 minutes long.


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Fletch Gateshead Street Quaters Unknown Parasites BMXToothpick: Gateshead STREET Quaters….

Flukelife: Addy Snowdon

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Music: The Fall – Container Drivers

Strangeways Vol 1 LOZ TAYLOR

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Music: GZA – Duel Of The Iron Mic

Strangeways Vol 1 & 2

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Strangeways Vol 1 & 2 dvd Bmx Manchester

Jordan Sanchez – Some Things Part

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Music: Gary Numan – I Die You Die

Tim Evans

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Tim Evans Unknown Parasites BMXAnother one from the Leisure Centre Banks in Gateshead.

Creedence Clearwater Revival

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Graveyard Train (1969)

For the graveyard thirty boxes made of bone.
Oh, Mister Undertaker, take this coffin from my home.


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Unknown Parasites STREET DOGDaz E is TOO STREET for PEGS

Daz E Unknown Parasites BMX Sunderland

Pete Sawyer 2014

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Sunnniside makes an appearance at 0:34 seconds

Music: Tavares – Whodunit (1976)

Unknown Parasites

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Unknown ParasitesJill died from a single bullet to the HEAD