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90east Bmx Public PropertyClick the link and watch Public Property the latest 25 minute visual onslaught from 90EAST. It contains within less that half a clock some of the realist shit and finest street spots out there….

Broth x MTNY

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Music: Joy Division – They Walked In Line

The Custom Piece.

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Dchum Sunderland BMX Unknown Parasites NSFSummer in the Depths Of Walker

NSF BMX Northeast Street Foundation


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Music: OGC – Gunn Clapp

Featuring: Danny Higginbotham, Kenwyne Jones, Danny Collins, Rory Delap, Thomas Sorensen, Dean Whitehead, Liam Lawrence & Phil “£50 Notes” Bardsley

The Make: Return to the 36th Chamber

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This thing flows like a fine bootleg sake

The Make Crew in Chengdu China September 2014. Featuring The Count, Cookie, Tommy C, Marv, Shaun Hadlington, Wozzy, Clarky, Loz Taylor, Orlando, Wen and Chicken. Affiliates Sandy and Shanky

Animal 1- Edwin Delarosa

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Music: Del Tha Funky Homosapien – Catch A Bad One

Edwin DeLaRosa – Streets & Avenues

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Cookie Vs The Block

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Cookie Sunderland BMX T2S Unknown ParasitesIt’s flat but it’s NOT as flat as THE HORIZONTAL PIECE

Sunderland Football Shirt Horizontal StripesTEAM 2 SANDALS

Nearly 3 Part One

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Music: A$AP Rocky – Fuckin’ Problem


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Unknown Parasites Sunderland BMX

Jerry Hsu – Bag Of Suck (2006)

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Although this whole video is ridiculous, The first clip to the second song is effortless perfection… Sit back and ENJOI.

Cass McCombs – Sacred Heart

Sonic Youth – Superstar

STRANGE occurrence

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I’ve just had a quick scope around the Skeleton Crew section on here and end up on GREY HAVEN reading the FUGAZI post which in turn took me to You Tube to listen to the debut album, Repeater. After pressing play I got to exactly 46 seconds in to the first song (Turnover) to which the lyrics are “To Turn Off The Alarm” at the exact moment of Mr Picciotto uttering these words the neighbors house alarm went off… It sounded out 3 times and as soon as he had finished saying the word ALARM it stopped!!! I looked down at the digital clock and the time on my screen was 00:00. Although the time has nothing to do with this odds killing case of life intimating art the timing does… coincidence? Or just a very strange occurrence indeed… You decide.

Craig ‘Cragz’ Carlin

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Cragz Sunderland BMX NSF Unknown ParasitesJam To Fakie: ROKER PARK 2014

Dry Land Is A MYTH

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Deacon WaterworldDeacon: “Dry land is not just our destination, It’s our destiny!”

Greg Kew // 2014

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New visuals from Greg Kew & Ryan Hendry AKA The Parasites of Peterborough. They’ve been hard at work filming for the past year for this one and it does not disappoint… This included traveling around Milton Keynes, Northampton, Peterborough and Stamford among others hunting out some delightful spots and Greg put them all to good use. That last kinker is too good!

Music: Nas – Made you look

PDSII Hot Java

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P.D.S.I.I Crew going in…. This one is a BEAST

“Sit down grab a cup of… HOT JAVA and watch this mixtape of all our leftover clips from the summer, as well as a bunch of friends clips, Old clips and funny shit. Most clips filmed in Nottingham and Grantham with some Shef and Peterborough footage too.”

Dan Boulton

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UK Delights!!! That first underground spot would come in handy with this sodden November weather. Everything about this one is spot on!! Press play and ENJOY!

Music: Wu-Tang Clan – For Heavens Sake

Eric Burdon & War – Tobacco Road (1970)

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This one goes off like a rouge firework….. strap yourself in and take the ride!!! WARNING: The last 4 minutes may blister your mind!!

Check the studio version HERE

Live At The German Beat Club 1970
Eric Burdon – vocals
Lonnie Jordan – organ/piano/percussion
Charles Miller – flute/sax/percussion
Howard Scott – guitar
Lee Oskar – harmonica
B. B Dickerson – bass
(Papa) Dee Allen – bongos/congas/percussion
Harold Brown – drums/percussion

Ralph Steadman – BREAKING BAD

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Steadman on Breaking Bad

“I watched the Breaking Bad whole series in two weeks and now suffer withdrawal symptoms,” Steadman said. “At first, I thought ‘this series is going to be all about death and desecration,’ but instead became a more complex landscape of human relationships.  I hope I put something of these feelings into the portraits that I made of the characters, which were landscapes in themselves. An irony in the subject of crystal meth is how beautifully it resembles the desert sky.”

Walter White Breaking Bad Ralph Steadman ArtWalter White

Jesse Pinkman Breaking Bad Ralph Steadman ArtJesse Pinkman

Hank Schrader Breaking Bad Ralph Steadman ArtHank Schrader

Saul Goodman Breaking Bad Ralph Steadman ArtSaul Goodman

Mike Ehrmantraut Breaking Bad Ralph Steadman ArtMike Ehrmantraut

Gustavo 'Gus' Fring Breaking Bad Ralph Steadman Art GusGustavo ‘Gus’ Fring


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The above video consists of a mixture of footage I have accumulated from a few lazy Sunday’s down on the flat rail, If I didn’t take advantage of a wet day and decide to hunt down the clips and put them to use they may have been lost forever…. It features Sam & Robin Watson, Cragz, Raymond ‘Rax’ Inskipp, Scott Thompson, Benn G, Ben Howgate and Pfendty. The music used was extracted from the Johnny Cash dvd Ridin’ the Rails: The Great American Train Story and you can watch the original piece I extracted below in full.