Unknown Parasites 2014

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For our fellow compadre Paul Fletcher, For reasons that have already been stated on here!

Music: Pablo – The Story Of Sampling


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Mark Gralla, Jeff Kocsis, Dave Belcher, and Tom White

Music: The Grass Roots – I’d Wait A Million Years.

Fletch Part II

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Unknown Parasites Fletch BMXDislocated ankle and a broken Tibia & Fibula…. Get well soon boss!!

This terrible skeleton malfunction took place while he was riding the new temporary flat rail on the wasteland-esque area near the park and looks like a healing period of 12 weeks is going to be required before he can return to the pedals. In Honour of “THE ANKLE” I have an edit dropping tomorrow all filmed on the rail in question. It’s going to be featuring Benn, Cookie, Cragz, Dchum, Haz, Jordan, Rax III, Sam, Scott Thompson, Telly and will be around 4 minutes long.


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Fletch Gateshead Street Quaters Unknown Parasites BMXToothpick: Gateshead STREET Quaters….

Flukelife: Addy Snowdon

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Music: The Fall – Container Drivers

Strangeways Vol 1 LOZ TAYLOR

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Music: GZA – Duel Of The Iron Mic

Strangeways Vol 1 & 2

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Strangeways Vol 1 & 2 dvd Bmx Manchester

Jordan Sanchez – Some Things Part

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Music: Gary Numan – I Die You Die

Tim Evans

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Tim Evans Unknown Parasites BMXAnother one from the Leisure Centre Banks in Gateshead.

Creedence Clearwater Revival

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Graveyard Train (1969)

For the graveyard thirty boxes made of bone.
Oh, Mister Undertaker, take this coffin from my home.


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Unknown Parasites STREET DOGDaz E is TOO STREET for PEGS

Daz E Unknown Parasites BMX Sunderland

Pete Sawyer 2014

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Sunnniside makes an appearance at 0:34 seconds

Music: Tavares – Whodunit (1976)

Unknown Parasites

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Unknown ParasitesJill died from a single bullet to the HEAD


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Northeast STREET Foundation

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NSF VHS 2It appears you can put a price on PERFECTION.


Temporay FLAT BAR Edit (Coming Soon)

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Sam Watson Pegs To Cone Hop BMX Unknown ParasitesPegs to CONE HOPPER


FBM Albert Street

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FBM Albert Street BMX VHS Video“I’m doing it for Albert Street- I’m doing it for FBM!!!!”

World Cup 2014

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Steven Segal & Mark Appleyard

Out In The STREETS Five

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Civic Center Reflections Sunderland UKCivic Center Reflections.

Moon Pub Sign Gateshead UKGateshead UK

Scott Thompson Unknown Parasites BMXScott Thompson.


Reflections Sunderland Unknown ParasitesReflections Part II

Unknown Parasites Benn GoodallAdvantage Benn

Table For TWO Street MeatStreet MEAT: Table For TWO

Sam Sunderland BMX Unknown ParasitesGame Set & Match – Sam

Rouge Gull Vs The 9 To 5erRouge Gull Vs The 9 To 5er

Unknown Parasites Rax Jersey BarrierInskipp III – Jersey Barrier B’s: Sunderland

Dan Conway Stick Pit 3

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