Love Child.


When Josef Fritzl was busted for crimes against humanity there was a darker more sinister story that never reached public attention.

Away from the attention surrounding the story of Fritzls dungeon i decided to dig deeper into the man that is Josef Fritzl. The outcome of this was sickening.

In 1990 Josef Fritzl went on holiday to small Scottish town called Blackburn in West Lothian,

It was here where Fritzl pursued an affair with one of the towns local residents. This went on for the duration of the holiday and then Fritzl returned to Austria never to be seen again.

Several weeks later Fritzls partner declared she was pregnant with the love child….

Fast forward a few years to 2008.

THE BEAST is caught.

With Fritzl getting so much media attention the Blackburn resident who gave birth to his love child decided she needed to tell the world about her story.

No one believed her.

One year later 2009. Britain’s got talent.

A contestant named Susan Boyle from Blackburn, West Lothian took to the stage to prove herself as a singer and most of all tell the world her story. She went on to win the competition and become a global superstar.

Her legal team advised her to keep the story of Josef Fritzl a well kept secret to avoid Negative press.

But thanks to advancements in DNA matching, me and the rest of the NMB team have managed to track down and identify this love child once and for all.

Information surrounding this love child is at the minute quite sketchy. It was romoured he was adopted by a german family residing in Sunderland. Thats right, Sunderland. Right under our very noses. Digging a little deeper i found the family had a DIY shop. I visited this shop and what i found there was compelling evidence that this story was true…

I proceeded to follow the suspect to gather photographic evidence.

I had to get closer…

This is the face of the love child AKA REECE PFENT.


3 Responses to “Love Child.”

  1. john the slob Says:


  2. starttherukus Says:

    susan boyle number one gang banger loves the rapey dungeon of doom MR LOVA LOVA

  3. DCHUM Says:

    a good read indeed .

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