Over the last few days i have seen the RSPCA sniffing about an estate next to morrisons known as Chapel Garth. Home to the CARTHY family this estate is plagued with a nuisance that is wreaking havock behind closed doors. This nuisance is the unprovoked assault on helpless animal victims. The RSPCA have released this E-FIT of their suspect…

The only other information released was that the suspect had an unusual nickname that resembles a hot tasty snack best served with ketchup and mustard.

This can mean one person only…

Here are some examples of his extreme crimes:

In this picture he his abusing his cat MISTY…

In this next photo he can be seen keeping a small ferrit type creature behind bars and teasing it with food…

In this photo he has crafted a raft for this helpless chicken to sail on…


Last seen on the end credits of Pete Greaves video ‘FOR THOSE ABOUT TO PEG’ drowning a lobster alive in a pint of Morrisons dry cider.

It is rumored he fled to Edinburgh to evade capture…


2 Responses to “RSPCA.”

  1. cromoeffect Says:


  2. DCHUM Says:

    remember the crow’s corpse in the fire? he needs to be stopped before his lust for animal carnage turns to straight up human attack………

    100% TWISTED

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