taken from the sunderland echo


Chief Superintendent Dave Pryer

Police have launched a major crackdown on rogue bouncers working illegally in Sunderland city centre.

OPERATION BARRACUDA aims to tackle security staff working without a licence as well as venues that allow drug use on their premises.

From tonight there will be:
– More police hitting the city centre streets. – T2S
– Drug-testing kits to detect substance use.
– Spot checks on door staff.
– Security checks on CCTV systems and other safety equipment.


“comply or face the consequences because we are not going to go away”

“Anyone found breaching the law will be given a warning, summons, fixed penalty notice or could face closure”


One Response to “taken from the sunderland echo”

  1. ant skullface watson Says:

    the wanna check them mongs that gave me and you bad vibes on jonnys birthy the mugs,

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