All flavour no flannel


it’s time to grasp the DOUBLE MAXIM and take this fine ale to the next level.

no more of that putrid filth that is NEWCY BROWN ALE will grace my palm.


Double Maxim was first brewed in 1901 and was initially called Maxim Ale. It was created to celebrate the return of the Maxim Gun detachment from the Boer War. Major Ernest Vaux – a member of the original brewing family – commanded the detachment which was part of the Northumberland Hussars. Soon after launch Maxim Ale was reduced in strength following complaints from landlords – their customers kept falling asleep!

On 22nd July 1938, Maxim Ale was increased in strength again and renamed Double Maxim. Vaux Breweries closed in 1999 but the brand was bought by the Double Maxim Beer Company and is brewed today in bottles, cans and cask at the Maxim Brewery in Sunderland.


3 Responses to “All flavour no flannel”

  1. Shee Unit Says:

    Just had my self two. Winner!

  2. DCHUM Says:

    good man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. cromoeffect Says:

    Tyne & Wear Man cocktail = half brown ale half Dble Maxim.

    wheres the factory now? not sheffield?

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