Where does the name come from? It comes from a story thats origins are a little shady, it might not even be true but its a good story worthy of a blog dedicated to it.

This urban myth is too good to spill out onto the pages of this blog so instead i want to hear your guesses. WHERE DOES NMB COME FROM? Answers in the comments. Winner gets a single house vodka with mixer of there choice.

Heres a clue


2 Responses to “NOMEATBALLS”

  1. starttherukus Says:


  2. DCHUM Says:

    you went into a subway and walked up to the counter a small female worker popped up. you were shocked but so hungry you placed your order of a meat balls sanger to which she replyed ohhhhh dear im really sorry we are out of meat. you could feel an anger building up inside that you could not explain you said to her I’m gonna give you to the count of 10 to get me the finest meat known to man ( little did she know it as the same 10 seconds snakes got off home alone) 1 2 BANG you slit her throat and jammed you arm into her freshly slit neck the blood was still warm to which you joked “do you want this toasted?” now elbow deep in this ladys half dead body you start pulling at her intestines untill they snapped. you lay them down on the counter and began to chopping them into small pieces you then lent over and grabbed a whole wheat bun and placed the intestines into it and added abit chipotle southwest sauce. by now the lady had bleed out and was a corpse so you sat on her and chomped down on your lovley human subway sandwich while laughing maniacally.who needs god damn meat balls any way HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA from now on it’s flesh nomeatballs

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