Origin of the nose manual


Its a little know fact that has burst out onto the bmx scene recently but yes the rumors are true Nyron “NOZZA” Nosworthy invented the nose manual!

Dont believe me? Why else would we call this trick be dubbed the nozza?

This lad was kicking it before the lot of you! even the flatland riders.

The lad is now away on loan to Sheffield rumor has it that he is doing lessons at devvy green skatepark.

For now us mackems will have to hold it down ourselves until the lad is back.

Here’s one we made earlier, last summer to be precise.

sam nozzMackems you say, whats one of those sir?

Yes they bite. BEWARE


4 Responses to “Origin of the nose manual”

  1. sketch Says:

    no one can kick it as hard as nozza. KICKKKKK IT HARDDDD

  2. DCHUM Says:

    looking at that picture and it’s warm surroundings makes me want to shave this bastard skull

  3. DCHUM Says:

    they tryed to get the ball past nyron nose manual………………………….

  4. wynn Says:

    nozza kicks it harder than ur average sessioner like

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