satan’s lair…..


We were 2-0 down and 8 pints in when we headed for the plainsy exit.

zombie drunk

After a taxi ride to the inn place my mind comes to a stand still and trying to recall my actions is a lost cause. I do remember sinking another 4 pints 1 of them a freebee off sum random who must have smelt his sunday dinner being heated up and had to do one. you can not allow good ale to go to waste. I also had to quit a game of arrows due to the dreaded double vision. It gives another meaning to double top.

Theres away chinkys has just opend & broge has already left. curry rice and chips and a walk through doxy park as the day had yet to fade away and we had light due to the clock change. I managed to piss out of a tree before i came across satan’s lair

There had to be away into this place so i decided to do the rounds and locate an enterance. When i finaly made it in to my disgust it had been burnt to a crisp. The yobs must have mist the no smoking sign on the door.

It was pitch black in the merky depths of this abandoned hell hole but i managed to find the stairs and get to the top where i found a maze of charcoal rooms and gaping holes in the floor from the blaze. One room was lite up form the holes in the roof so i took this picture from the rafters.

This was my last memory of the day.

When i awoke on monday morn i felt 38 and had a mass hang over 100% riding the green wave with a bastard behind the eyes. Looking back at the pictures i would say it was worth it even if my shoes are fucked and i have a stench of burnt muck in my hair.

How else would you want to spend your quiet sunday afternoons?


2 Responses to “satan’s lair…..”

  1. thatKALEMCARTHYlad Says:

    Sorry a didnt get involved with the pint lark on sunda, a was otherwise engaged. What the fuck posessed you to gan exploring that house? And were ya by yaself?
    It looks like a family of deformed inbred doxy rape fiends should be dwelling within, maybe someone should set a film there and title it ‘THE PARK HAS EYES’.

  2. DCHUM Says:

    hahaha i a was well by mesell

    to what posessed me it must have been the 12 pints…………

    i wana go back with a proper camera n get some photos…

    hahaha THE PARK HAS EYES i would pay to see that

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