Motion Sickness…..


The quarters can only be described as a bastard of a cesspit some kind of indoor jungle and on the night in question it was filled with some of Sunderland’s worst. Every hour in there seemed like the temperature was rising. As i recall it was around the 12.30pm mark when i was forced to hunt down the factor 15.

“One can not function with burnt skin”

No matter what music we tried the heat was going nowhere and was starting to affect the masses. Not even Johnny Mathis – Do You Hear What I Hear could add a chill to the area. This is when i decided to take drastic measures and up the dosage of 15.

On a night where the intake was only ment to be small and there was talk of only having a few beverages may i add it got quite wild, The alcohol was in full flow when souter introduced the beast. Salvia “you think your under control till you realise your actually looking through the eyes of some oversized bird”

Souter was static almost manikin like the elongated piping system and it’s substances had taking full effect, trapped in some paranoid state of mind convinced we where all trying to sell him stuff.

-A few pictures from depths of hell –

The clock clicked 2.00pm when i go the terrible urge to go swimming, and it was something i could not shake off. Next thing you know im down to the Calvin classics and ball deep in ice-cold pond water. To you this may seem over the top but the 15 was having no effect and 5 more minutes in that oversized sweat box i would have flipped, A possible new breed of madness verging on the level of some forgotten material, unearthed for the first time on the early hours of saturday 26th june 2010. It’s i good job i acted on impulse.

I was in there a good 4 1/2 minutes before people turned up.

The temptation was too much for souter, Bomb drops the fastest way in and once your there there’s no turning back, Trapped under the influence of some diabolical chill factor.

It’s over, i woke up at home not quite sure how i made it, feeling rather rough i have a stage two hangover in full effect, it’s like somebody has unleashed a medieval monster and its crawling around my skull, Dont panic though after a few more hours shut-eye the beast was recaptured. I’m not sure about Stu Souter Hotdog & Ben but im starting to feel half human again.

I leave you with the theme of the night,

Take it away Mr Johnny Mathis.


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