Zombie Nation………


After a prolonged absence from Mr Rasklart he has popped up with a picture post displaying many faces from Sunderland’s established members, ( refer to post below) It was not untill i locked socket on the last j-peg i noticed something quite strange, an unfamiliar character, a strange face, a pigeon amongst the peacocks.

It’s now 2.30am or more commonly known as “Bastard o’ clock, and im sitting here putting my insomniac ways to work as i know ive seen this person before.

God damn ive got it and by the look of the picture byers has it aswell. It would be impossible to pull a face like that unless you knew the truth.

Without doubt This is a serious case of full-blown shock horror, Dont panic though it’s only the one and only local disco dancing extraordinaire.

“Darren e Jackson

Can it be after all this time my brain was not actually playing tricks on me and the dead do in fact walk the street?

Sir Glen Danzig knew what was happening and it’s only now i realise he was trying to warn us of their unnatural movements. London Dungeon makes perfect sence ” they called us walking corpses unholy living dead”

Are you safe? i think not my friend your only a clutch away from his festering palm.


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