SOUL – the thing from within.


I would like to tell you a theory of mine that structures around the human soul. I am going to have to start this faster than a dog on whiz out the traps at the races as whats inside my head wants out and if I don’t do it now, it will be lost forever.

My theory is that while your sleeping your soul leaves the body and is free to roam the earth, you know when you’re drifting off and you get that terrible full body glitch? some say its your heart missing a beat others say it’s a misinterpretation of signals in your brain, well in fact its your soul getting over excited about the mission ahead and attempting to abandon ship early. it’s not untill your fully in a dream state of mind does your soul start its movement from deep within, may I just add don’t belive the way the cinema attempts to show you this process, it’s nothing like a ghost like figure in fact its more like the shape of an orb, the soul can not take actual form untill it’s fully exited the body and it does this by filtering through the left eye socket.

I’m sure by now you are starting to think how have i came across such information, well this is more of an incident than a theory and the words i am about to share with you took place some time around late July 2008 after a night of cheap booze and even cheaper whiskey. I don’t recall falling asleep but i do remember waking up due to a sound like i have never heard before. I open my eyes to a strange figure standing at the bottom of my bed, at first this was only a silhouette but after time my eyes started to adjust to the darkness, standing there with no sound or movement i began to make out a few facial features, it almost looked like a young Egon Spengler.

Was i dreaming? is it a burglary? before i could say anything this ghost busting look a like exploded like a chinese cracker, the whole room light up like a badly decorated christmas tree, this bright green flash only lasted a matter of seconds before it started to shrink, if i had to describe it i would say it looked like one of tall man’s spheres floating at the back-end of my room.

I remember reaching for my phone to take a picture keeping full eye contact with this thing at all time, then without warning the fucker was coming straight at me i had no time for a reaction and the next thing i knew it was gone, without pain of feeling its as if i absorbed it through my eye. I sat up and by this point i was suffering from full body sweats my mind was racing, i was getting all kinds of strange thoughts flying around up there but the main one was what the fuck was that? at first i though maybe it was an alien or a type of mythical beast, then bang it hits me like a bad case of wet sock “i just caught my soul attempting to creep back in” immediately after it happened i was thinking should i say something or should i keep this strange experience to myself? I mean how would people react? and what would the have to say? in the end i decided to say nothing on this late night madness, as i thought to myself what if my soul could hear me!. For a week solid after the incident i set my alarm for the exact time hoping to catch another glimpse of my inner self but nothing out of the ordinary happened and all i was left with was the twisted memory of that strange night in July.

Ever thought to yourself your dreams are just to real not to belive or that they are so fucked up that there is now way your mind could have ever created such a complex masterpiece? do you often get the feeling that while you’re inside this dream world it’s almost like your having a (OBE) out-of-body experience ? well it’s actually a type of delayed feedback, whats happening is you are receiving a blurred version of your souls activities, even though the soul can be miles away from your body it’s still a part of you and you have a connection with it that’s normally only associated with twins, this is known as (ESP) extra sensory perception.

It’s been over 2 years now and ever since that night i have been on a one man mission, and my aim was to locate as much information as i could regarding the human soul. one of the best things i came across is that your soul is more like an alter ego, most humans can go a life time without locating or knowing anything about this thing from within, as while awake your soul is lying dormant inside awaiting the inevitable, your eyes reaching full tilt and you falling asleep. I would like to add no plastic knife can protect you from this terror.

I have found out there is a whole bunch of far superior beings out there on a complete different level to you and i, well maybe you but i am definitely on the right track and can not be far from the truth. These supreme beings are in fact people who are suffering from these two different disorders, the first one is called Multiple Personality Syndrome (MPS) and the second does by the name of, Dissociative identity disorder, (DID) is a psychiatric diagnosis that describes a condition in which a person displays multiple identities or personalities (known as alter egos), each with its own pattern of perceiving and interacting with the environment. Its well-known these are the people who have fully accepted and acknowledge the beast from within, and it disgusts me to say this but what do we do as a society? pop them full of pills and tell them they are sick. When its the people who are afraid of whats lurking around under the flesh what are truly sick. “I demand the release of all people incarcerated and institutionalized for nothing more than accepting there is two people who reside around there skeleton”

I seen a classic case of (DID) quite recently when Steven Dawson stopped being Steven and allowed billy lad out to play, some people say it’s the alcohol and by god have they hit the nail on the head. It’s a scientifically proven fact that alcohol strengthens the soul allowing it to easily push aside the outer personality. Once this process has run a complete cycle only then do you see the true movements from the person in front of you, what was there no more than 15 seconds ago is more Mannequin than man and is no more than a social charade.

Dating back many century’s it is believed the soul leaves the body when you die, but i have a well thought out twist on this old wives tale, i belive you die if your soul does not get back to the body. if some how whilst roaming around it becomes lost, trapped out there in a lengthy limbo, leaving you behind as an empty shell.

After reading my insight into the human soul i think it is wise i leave you with this advice, if you look in the mirror one day and the person who is looking back does not look familiar, maybe you have started to allow the thing from within out to play. Well as Dr Thompson once said “buy the ticket take the ride” and i say “to hell with it why not”. Bar tender shots of (MPS) & (DID) all around.

Don’t just read this then x the page, look deep into your soul and let me know what comes to mind.


3 Responses to “SOUL – the thing from within.”

  1. billy lad Says:

    It is true, i am the soul within Mr S L Dawson, and im typing this as he sleeps BEWARE

  2. robin banks Says:

    well done D thats a brilliant case study, its funny ive been reading about this type of shit for a while and i believe what youre saying is true! Every body is capable of it but you have to train yourself or be lucky like yourself. check out astral travelling on youtube!

  3. DCHUM Says:

    i have been looking into astral projections like mad stuff. i will check the videos on you tube now. jonny maxfield sent is a message on facebook afte reading the post his well into this type of stuff aswell. it’s all about the (OBE)

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