Or the Real McCoy?

here is a snippet of my research which i will let you delve into.

The man in question is the chromescale character himself at the top of the photo’s, who stars in a music video for a song made famous by a “video game” in wich players take on a role of a scumbag  in a virtual world.

I have reason to believe he is in someway connected to a little known small fry northern street cat named Deech.

I have attached photos of this chap in a few forms.

He can be seen socializing with myself and partaking in a sour case of eggy pool ball pint  punisher which some say got monumentally out of hand and ruined many already sewage froth infested pints in the ivy’s Christmas eve celebrations.

Next we see the real macoy pulling what these street youths call a pyatt way off the richter scale , notice the cheeky pyatt pulled by the questionable man in monochrome.

Last is the flick used for the NMB euro vision goggles poster note the major tash curler which can not be helped yet again similarities to the black and white bizzie who can be seen with the same tash just flipped over.

Still not enough evidence? See the video yourself and place your bets.


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