Whiskey Wildness.


Waking up with a void in the stomach and filling the vast empty space with a large amount of full strength coffee has made me bug-eyed and ready for the insight ahead.  I start this like any other story using words, I’m going to be mashing them together in an attempt to create a scratch on the core of english literature, what i am about to slap down can never be recreated, any attempts will surly end in a catastrophic death on the most brutal scale.

I have to begin the process of scanning back over the 1000’s of thoughts whizzing around my normal sized human skull, this may take several hours as i have a terrible back log of mesmerizing memory’s up there, and i would say 93.5% are far to twisted for human consumption.

I share with the eyes that are locked on this screen the movements that took place on saturday 11th december a night of inner monsters ice-cold whiskey and displays of greatness that would not look out-of-place at the cherry knowle christmas disco.

We were trapped like 1970’s slaves in the confinements of caravan hell on an endless hunt for more of that devil liquid they call BOOZE, each man in his own search for the ever elusive fill point, and once they have pushed the boundaries to a whole new level and finaly reach it only then do we begin to see what lurks beyond the flesh and bone, even the quite ones have an inner beast but it takes a % to unlock the cage and free the freakish power from within. luckily for us on the night in question The Chug didn’t show his ugly face. “full-blown 500ml of  fear and loathing gone in 4 seconds”, it makes you take a step back and realise what a fucked up society we live in, creating contraptions and strange piping systems to fuel the darker side of life at a staggering pace, was booze brewed to hit the spot that quick? this is something that is unknown to me as it only states on the cylinder “drink responsibly” but the pace of what to take this intake on, is nowhere to be seen.

skip 3 hours into the night and shits turned messy fast, the pen faced jester is on a form that would flatten any session, every man to his own has found the vibe that can only result in one out come “total meltdown”, memory’s are erased after each ghastly swig, one minute there is nine and the next thing you know it’s 18 and you have been slapped in the face by the dreaded double vision, but would you change anything? fueled to the 9’s your having the time of your life, even if tomorrow your going to be riding a seven hour green wave you drink on like a trooper as deep down you know it’s worth it.

I recall, mind-boggling conversations, a strange clutch of hand in hand conspiracy madness, balloons filled with toxic terribleness, dance floor techniques that would have michael flatley looking for the exit, a peculiar case of whitey recycling,  a heavy round of full vocal onslaught from some of the stadium of light’s classics, fantastic human firework displays, slippery out side ice deaths, more whiskey, home-made caravan MMA, the iron swan take over, an exit to the land of the bar codes for some horsing around, untill one by one people disappeared into the darkness trying to grasp a small dose of reality to get them home for a large case of human detoxification.

“Please note names have been left out for legal reasons, and the photo’s below are all fabricated”

The theme of the night was a vicious display of musical talent from none other than the hidden master Mr Sonny James


4 Responses to “Whiskey Wildness.”

  1. sr7bmx Says:

    hahahah amazing. ive just thoroughly enjoyed reading that 🙂

  2. ant Says:

    It’s become apparant to me that the mind wipe can only be my minds own way of protecting my mental state from the true terror that we were getting up to while mortal.
    Well…. either that or the slam i took on my voyage home as the bash to my cannister, a palm of spelks and a lumpy bruised shin is all i have to remember the night by other than these photos.

    this was One true SESSION! the consumption and standard or vibe was second to none and dont recall anything as heavy since a naked byers gliding around laminate flooring on shampoo!

  3. rodski Says:

    “creating contraptions and strange piping systems to fuel the darker side of life at a staggering pace!”

    hahah favourite quote what a fucked up world eh ha not to mention that cowboy music .. some of them pyatts shoudl have warnings before them like. Ant looks like Alan P talkin to souter

  4. The Deechioo Says:

    dont be sending bad vibes sonny james way – apache is amazing hahahah

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