Bio Hazard (BEWARE)


To Mr Wah Wah and the reuniting of the filth

As you are aware i have been reacquainted with the devil’s merchandise, i advise sending a dozen green berets, have them dressed in full chemical attire as safety is the main aim of the risky transportation, you know all to well the side effects of this dirty beast so once in your possession “handle with extreme caution” and if you know whats good for you i also advise writing a short eulogy and burying this fucker beyond the standard 6ft of a human corpse unless you want to be one on one with a powerful case of Bennie and the Jets. just ask tusk it’s a vibe no man should have to deal with. cloontang once said “I’m bringing it back” well that’s just bullshit you come and get it movement for me is not an option, may i add the importance of keeping this mission under wraps, if Julian Assange publishes this information, they will have us shaved, sterilised and destroyed


One Response to “Bio Hazard (BEWARE)”

  1. Wah Wah Watson Says:

    HAHAHA those who have never seen tusks rendition of benny and the jets followed by a sink face dunk have no idea. Just the same as those who havnt experienced the full blown mayhem of the bio. if the government got hold of this they’d ban it and then use as a weapon

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