Unknown Parasites


For the past two days I’ve had the frantic task of capturing and editing the jig saw of movement that is Sunderland’s end of 2010 web edit “Unknown Parasites” (homage to NSF The Unknown) with help from Ben Goodall and a crazy pre set dead line of new years eve…. Benn’s household was chosen for the brutal task in hand, as always the mission was left until the very end, days before the beginning of 2011, it does not get any more end of than the last day of 2010, square eyed and full of raw determination we took this bastard head on with a no holds bared attitude.

Dawson aka the lad was drafted in as his prehistoric recording device is in a world of it own and the tapes refuse to work in any new age technical camcorder. the clocks pace wasn’t slowing down and hours seemed like minutes. but after a hefty bout of tenacity, 15 hours spread over a two day shift to be precise it’s finally finished and ready for viewing.

Featuring appearances from Mark “dchum” Davis,  Benn Goodall, Steven Dawson, Brogan Carthy, Sam Watson, Raymond Inskipp, Jake Kitching, Jay Taylor, Robin Watson, Craig Carlin, Ryan Hendry, Chris Telford, Kalvin Wynn, Stephen Defty, Jonny Linsley & Scott Thompson, this is the first home-made street edit since mine & Jonny L’s “End Of 2007” & Pete Greaves “For Those About To Peg. and with plans of making a DVD next year it may be the last for some time. and for the older participants even the last, as hanging the pegs up could be around the corner.


Watch in 720p hd with the volume turned right up



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