Strange But TRUE


Mr J Linsley aka Rutger Hauer, Nick Parker is suffering from a real case of DEAD EYES, severe visual impairment on the finest scale. normally when we associate this vicious condition with humans it’s a matter of being self-inflicted but this mans eyes are beer free and failing fast, i have heard he is furious that his perfect 20/20 has been whittled down to a filthy 20/400, he broke his ever hectic schedule to give the NMB this brief statement ” finally accepted its time to probably get glasses” this was all he had to say as it is reported he has resorted to watching back to back Lino Gonzales & Mike Osso sections to get his blank face used to the ever looming metal structures and learn the skill of riding behind the lens. “the jonny lens”

Nick Parker is quick as a snake

strong as a bull

not to mention blind as a bat.


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