Putrid Reboot


News has reached me that will have die-hard Schwarzenegger fans in absolute turmoil, the actions of these barbaric pigs involved in this filthy remake is nothing more than ‘SACRILEGE’ on the largest scale,”one should not mess with perfection, the only outcome is mass failure”

Yes that’s right total recall is getting a 2012 remake, you could say i should open my mind and absorb what this spectacle has to offer me, WELL NO, I’m sorry but i will not succumb to this bastard circus act, my main reason for this attack is none other than Colin Farrell is going to be taking up the main role of Douglas Quaid (Schwarzenegger)

What’s coming next? do the people behind this vicious insult put a mixture of raw 80’s & 90’s classic into a hat and delve into this ignorant blind abyss and clutch onto the next remake? coming to cinemas near you, the running man staring Ben Stiller as Ben “the butcher of Bakersfield” Richards (2013) & commando staring John Major as John Matrix (2014)

For more information on this brainless act of writing block madness.



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