Whiskey Galore.


It’s saturday and the urge for raw whiskey has burst on the scene like a stench of 3 week old dead rat. demanding the taste of this vicious wet devils liquid I set my sights on a scavenge and what i have located is far more twisted than any side-show circus freak act you have ever seen, the madness that leaks from within this one minute video itches like a cheap clowns mask. It’s man in the midst of a total psychotic break down, going far deeper than any general function and pushing the boundaries beyond the limit, only to leave them there like a fly tippers wet dream, ladys and gentleman i give you the WHISKEY GALORE drinking song.

This video captures the moment to perfection and sets a brutal standard that can never be matched many men have attempted to recreate this savage display, but not many break on through to the other side with their mind marbles intact. It will leave you with a deranged laughter ringing at the back of your mind from many months to come.


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