Hungry For Flesh?



I am a true believer that any human who possess a fully functional and correctly wired brain is partial to a good standard cannibal film, quite like myself, so when an unnamed phantom postman drops an unmarked envelope through your front door in the darkness of night containing a dvd named DEEP RIVER SAVAGES aka Man From Deep River, you begin to think things must be on the up, even if you have been trapped in the pit that is my bed for a solid week not being able to walk or move as the devil has locked his fiery palm on my lower spine in the form of Back Spasms

“by far the worst pain i have ever known”

Luckily for me the good doctor has kept my system topped up with a spaced out batch of medicine from his personal suitcase consisting of a double drop of Tramadol aka Frankie Boyle’s to be taken 3 times day accompanied with Diazepam & Diclofenac which send me hurtling into the right frame of mind to take on this 1972 flesh thirsty film.

I have looked into the structure of this so-called classic and what it will have to offer me, not just visually but mentally as i think it would be quite foolish on my behalf to dive straight in without adequate information and a slight insight into the main characters, one of the first things i found out about this film is it’s from the director of cannibal ferox & eaten alive and is also considered to be the first “cannibal film” ever made and with a quotation like “I’m a human being like you, I’m a man not a fish” you know this film is going to keep me on the right track and help fend off the lurking beast that is boredom, as i fear it is only a matter of time before i snap under the pressure of no movement and allow the brain sludge from within to take over. A mixture of good music and strange visuals have worked so far and long may it continue untill once again i can rejoin the land of the living.

The devil makes works for idle hands”


One Response to “Hungry For Flesh?”

  1. brian robson Says:

    ahhh my little black savage!

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