Inner Sustenance: Zombies Laid Bare


It is a well-known fact that a large majority of the world’s population enjoys eating the meat of another species but why and what is it that makes zombies lust for the inner delights of what used to be their own kind? what takes over the general functions of the so-called walking dead and sets their sights solely on hunting human BRAINS? Well there is a festering amount of misinformation floating around concerning the matter in hand but hopefully after this slight insight i put forth all your questions will be answered.

Humans are turned into zombies by a Virus/Parasite or coming into contact with a batch of toxic waste, your classic zombie will only eat a part of the human brain this helps spread the infection by making the person who it is feeding upon also become a zombie, this means you can rule out zombies eating brains for hunger purposes and shows they do this to help multiply their own kind, but let’s get things straight not all zombies eat brains for the same reasons

To prove this i have located a video of Tar Man from the 1985 classic Return Of The Living Dead In this zombies eat brains because it hurts to be dead and they can feel their bodies rotting, you can view this statement in the second video, the first video highlights the blatant disregard zombies hold for living things, as you can see he only has one thing on the remains of his mind!

“They can feel their bodies rotting”

“The Zombie Life Cycle”

Humans eat Birds, Birds eat Zombies, Zombies eat Humans

You could add humans eat humans to this cycle but that my friend is called cannibalism and i will leave that for another time.

birds eating zombies? well vultures eat CARRION and carrion is “dead and rotting flesh” which makes up around 80% of your standard zombie, so that can be thrown down as a legitimate fact and proves my zombie life cycle to be accurate. Now for an overdose of raw musical brain intake, i leave you with The Misfits: Braineaters


2 Responses to “Inner Sustenance: Zombies Laid Bare”

  1. MAWSY Says:

    Ah yes of cousre, ‘return of the living dead’ a 80s zombie classic. The young lady in the first clip is obviously snookered. While i belive the dark gentleman in the second clip seems to be a young Jay-Z.
    How we laughed at this in a young Dean Byers room on a saturday afternooon way back when. if only i had a vhs player to re-live the memories.

  2. Vincent Black Shadow Says:

    byers had the best “VHS ZOMBIE” collection i have ever seen FACT. when broge gets hooked up we need to start watching all the 80’s zombie classics we also need to premiere SLUGS…….

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