Roger Daltrey – Free Me (1980)


After watching the 1980’s film Mcvicar this song has wormed its way into my mind and refuses to leave, which is not a bad thing as it’s a beast. Roger Daltrey performed all the songs on the soundtrack.

If your unfamiliar with John McVicar he was an armed robber who was tagged “Public Enemy No 1” by Scotland yard In the 1960’s.

He was finally apprehended and given a 23 year jail sentence to be served in Durham prison.

He escaped from Durhams top security E Wing on the 29th October 1968, After his final re-arrest in 1970 after a 744 day hunt he was given a sentence of 26 years. In a recent TV series, Real Prison Escapes, a commentator and a McVicar contemporary observed that “John McVicar would have danced his way out of Alcatraz blind-folded”.

Click on the image below to Free Roger


3 Responses to “Roger Daltrey – Free Me (1980)”

  1. the urban recliner Says:

    absolute classic film, mcvicar was a bad man

  2. Vincent Black Shadow Says:

    seen it years ago on the classic VHS but it was on the telly the other nite so had to get involved……

  3. the urban recliner Says:

    ive got it on a copied dvd, the quality is still that of a vhs though, its still a regular watch for me

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