Weekend Movements


Friday afternoon, i had just finished work at precisely 1.30pm and the sun was beating down from the sky, krissy shee was on route home from london for the weekend and there were 3 things on my mind. 2 of them being beer and pegs. i headed down to seaburn at around 3 in the afternoon to make the most of this sunshine and chill the fuck out after a long week at work and it wasnt long till the pegs were layed down.

Brogan (scarthy) carthy setting the standards early on with some 3rd peggery

Shortly afterwards the questions were raised of seaburn handrail, its seen a lot of pegs in its short time, but how many can she handle in 1 go? turns out she a slack bitch and can take 4 in 1 go providing she’s well waxed, my kinda woman!

After the park it was down to the seafront to finish off the beers

Once the beers had evaporated, i decided to send a gap that unfortunately isnt photo’d, en route to town wynn dogg and myself decided to double team a handrail, filled to the eyeballs with lager and the incentive of a round of jagerbombs for the most succesfull candidate we all out attacked, as documented in an earlier post the round of jagerbombs were on me for my starfish jump down the stairs, bonecrusher style!

Saturday was the 3rd thing on my mind, hoping 3points for the lads would ease the gloom around the SoL recently

This man gave me hope in the first half although bardo’s rocket just wasnt enough

At full time pints were on the cards in the hope of drowning the misery from our souls, it got so bad for D at one stage he took drastic measures to hide from it all, sealing himself into an early coffin

Sunday morning resulted in breakfast, beach chilling and then an almighty feast of a chinese on the evening, a great effort was put in by all attendees, so good infact that it would be hard to call MOM  although i feel jonny L should scoop the award for his prawn antics alone!



One Response to “Weekend Movements”

  1. Vincent Black Shadow Says:

    4TH photo down (click to enlarge)

    kalv has found a solution to the bouncing eyes “he just shuts them”

    wynn the blind 100mph peg slinger

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