Vultures Vs Humans…


“If I Was A Vulture I Would Be Dead”

While doing my normal rounds i happened to lock socket on the terrible news of a pill popping culture of a drug fueled vulture and how feeding on contaminated flesh is pushing their species towards extinction.

vultures in india and Nepal are being kicked to the ends of extinction by feeding off the carcasses of dead cattle that have been treated with diclofenac, a anti-inflammatory medicine manufactured for human use, i myself have been taking this vulture killer to rid my skeleton of lower spinal pain so it’s lucky for me the only thing i have in common with these over sized scavengers is i like eating MEAT.

A ban on the veterinary use of Diclofenac appears to be preventing vultures from being poisoned

Many vultures have been killed by eating livestock carcasses that were contaminated with the drug. The crash in vulture populations was so severe that the three endemic species are now threatened with extinction. The governments of India and Nepal banned the use of diclofenac for livestock in 2006.

But by this time the oriental white-backed vulture population had crashed by 99.9% and populations of the long-billed vulture and slender-billed vulture had fallen by about 97%.

The researchers set out to assess the effectiveness of the ban by measuring the concentration of the drug in livestock carcasses. They took samples from the livers of 5,000 cattle carcasses.

In animal carcasses that were contaminated, the concentration of the drug was significantly lower. But, according to the RSPB, which helped fund the research, diclofenac manufactured for human use is still being used in India to treat cattle.

“Diclofenac use must be virtually eliminated if vulture populations are to recover. The drug, an anti-inflammatory, is used to reduce pain and swelling in injured and diseased cattle. For religious reasons, it is not the practice in India to kill dying cattle to relieve their suffering. So owners give the painkiller to cattle and buffaloes when they are very close to death. Only then is there enough diclofenac left in the tissues of the dead animal to kill vultures


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