Clone Wars….


Looking at the photo below i have come to the conclusion that only four things could have happened to produce this visual monstrosity.


An alcoholic with no mouth has made a brutal strain of 50% whiskey airborne, and after only thirteen lungs full i have been stuck by the dreaded double vision.


The right-sided v-neck is actually an imposter.


I am suffering from a rare but extremely brutal case of DEAD EYES leaving me unable to maintain focus on any objects


The most likely outcome is that reclusive scientists fueled by unknown narcotics have finally had a break through in cloning human filth.

If you have a different theory on the matter in hand or decide my findings are inadequate please make your thoughts known.


2 Responses to “Clone Wars….”

  1. robin Says:

    or its wax and you had nowt else better to say………

  2. Vincent Black Shadow Says:

    It’s possible but NO human in ther right mind would make a waxed version of shearer, think about what you are saying then rescan over my four theorys you know one of them is more likely.

    while scanning the forgotten pages of the internet you must have came across the topic of CLONES…. think about the woman on the stamp i think she is more likely a clone than a alien from above.


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