A Musical Gift From Dr A.Watson


First and foremost I would like to let those of you humans with a good taste for a blog with class A content know that, at present we are currently boozed up with a beer and whiskey combination. Whilst trawling the internet for a high calibre music to listen too and also hoping to introduce you people to some stuff we love and that you may not have heard 0f, so here it is.. a double drop form me!

Jehst – Starting Over (jehst is DEFINATELY my postman !!)

The most recent musical release from one of, if not my favourite UK hip hop artists Jehst aka the high plains drifter, aka billy brimstone!  As per usual the man does not disappoint and “delivers”a treat for your ears.  ;D see what i did there?

Rhyme Asylum – Attitude Problem feat.

Another UK-based musical drop for your ears to take in and accept. This time from a group im going to say outright are criminally slept on and should be getting ALOT more attention for their lyrical skills.

Words By Watson.


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