I Heard My Skeleton Break!


After 27 hours in hospital im free, no more nil by mouth or around the clock checks, the circumstances behind this prolonged stay in the pre operation ward, Broken ribs, Bruised liver, blood in my urine and a Punctured lung, i was kept there incase i needed to be rushed into surgery. Who says that riding small bikes isn’t fun?

while lying in the hospital bed with a mixture of tramadol codeine & ibuprofen making their way around my system all i had to do to keep my brain entertained was listen to Norman who was opposite me getting a blood transfusion and telling story’s to imaginary people the whole time i was in there, most of the things leaving his mouth were utter gibberish but he shouted loud and clear “i enjoy a glass of cold Shandy with my sunday dinner”

the other thing i had to take my mind of the pain was to watch the pull down t.v, after watching Barcelona win 3-1 in the champions league final, a double drop of CSI and a bad film with bank robbers and roller blades i attempted to get some shut-eye helped by listing to the music of BBC two’s ceefax channel, a fine array of mellow beats and classical delights, but not even that was working i was a wide awake nightmare, and that’s when i locked socket the headline below.


Time was filtering away it was around the 5:00pm mark and i was medicated to a good standard, by this point i wasn’t really taking much notice of the visuals that passed before me but that’s untill i was confronted with A Family Portrait, which i now know is a short animation by Joseph Pierce.

Absorbing this animation head fuck in a normal state of mind you would think to yourself that was quite strange ,but i was far from feeling normal and what my eyes were seeing my brain refused to accept. take a look for yourself as i have managed to locate a 48 second extract from the just under 5 minutes long video, if you find the full thing let me know.

Joseph Pierce


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