1 Year On..


..Myself, Ben, Stuey and Kalv returned to the land of high force this weekend, the scene of last years beyond plotty camping trip armed with beer, meat and the necessary apparatus to get a fire on the blaze, as usual it didn’t disappoint. the first thing that struck me was brucey axe craftsmanship from the year before still looking like it had only been carved yesterday

the legacy

After last years mistake of attempting tent construction after around 8 cans resulted in tent collapse mid kip i thought it best this year to set up straight away, a very wise move indeed.

5 star mate

With the tents set it was time to chill, get a fire and a bbq blazed and get amongst the beverages.

chillin by the fire
river flowin
at night the NMB members lurk

It must have been around 2am by this point, multiple cans deep and serious questions were being asked. “where’s billy lad?” they cried

Well, i didn’t know where he was, but he mustn’t have been far behind as this is the last photo i remember taking, after this it all gets a little hazy for the lad and im having trouble piecing together, the next thing i know is im waking up in a tent at about half 10 on a sunday morning with a stinking hangover, never mind though lads, we’ve got some meat left for breakfast

Kalv the shank



3 Responses to “1 Year On..”

  1. nomeatballs Says:

    Full documentation of the lads arrival coming soon!

  2. The urBan reclinEr Says:

    haha it the downside of bein the photo taker, only document others movement

  3. Vincent Black Shadow Says:

    Good little insight Mr Recline, it looked like a pieceful night in the secret corner of pure force…….

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