Graffiti: Unknown Hand Styles……


Saturday night and free from liquid toxins i decided to go ahead and feed my dvd player Liam Neeson’s Unknown. It was around half way through this mystery thriller when i started to take notice of the graffiti in the back ground and that’s when i locked my zoned in sockets on the indecipherable hand style. i attempted to dissect it’s every swoop but to no avail, so i tried a different method and looked at this penned calligraphy with a different set of eyes.



2 Responses to “Graffiti: Unknown Hand Styles……”

  1. colddogsoup Says:

    Aye, I noticed it was Bates like. Have you een From Paris With Love? Its got WUFC dubs in the apartment block there in.

  2. Vincent Black Shadow Says:

    yeah, ive seen that film like. love checking for back ground graff treats in films what you know that general viewer wont even notice…

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