High Force The NMB Overload……. (PART 2)


We approached the scene with caution as it was clear for all to see that axe wielding louts had violated the location prior to our arrival. The extent of this damage was plain to see but we pressed on and set up camp before a shift on the bow saw provided fuel to keep the fire going into the night.

Meat was consumed as the beer flowed and there were even rumours of billy lad making a late appearance until a group of head torch wearing unknowns approached in the darkness. Luckily they were on the other side of the river and passed without a fuss leaving us to continue with our business.

Several hours later we were in full swing and the lad turned up as the sun started to rise, bed was inevitable at this stage to avoid daylight sleep in hot tents ahead of the mornings drive home. A new fire and a makeshift BBQ was enough to sort us out with breakfast in the light rain ready to head back to Sunderland!

That is all for now keep watching for part 3 return of the organ donor!


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