Vegetarians vs Cannibals


After posting the song Rat Race by Bob Marley the other day one of the lyrics has been stuck firmly in my head like a harpoon gun in a two month old calf’s neck, that extract is,“In the abundance of water, The fool is thirsty” for some reason this sent my mind into a frenzy and got me thinking about things you enjoy and take for granted, not taking into consideration that maybe one day that so-called endless supply will run out. After picking away at the surface of this quotation i finally revealed its true identity, and the outcome of my thoughts were,

“vegetarians Dont Make Good Cannibals

In the scarcity of meat, vegetarians rule the world

“In the scarcity of vegetarians, meat eaters have a full stomach and a smile on their face”

A tall woman walks into an all you can (M)eat restaurant and says to the waiter “Excuse Me What Is Your Special Today?”

The male waiter looks up and reply’s “A Vegetarians Leg”

If all kinds of animal meat were to be wiped out by a super virus, maybe a mixture of Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (mad cows disease) & Avian influenza (bird flu) vegetarians would go on without loss totally unaffected by this mysterious mass animal death, but us meat eaters who enjoy indulging in the delights of another species flesh would go into total melt down.

  Only then would you realise you were addicted to eating dead animals, and to go on living without this luxury would not be an option. At first you would be struck by the brutal symptoms of withdrawal, and its at this point meat eaters would start forming cults and street gangs with only one purpose on their minds, hunting killing and eating all vegetarians.

“Human meat is better than no meat at all”

Meat to meat, you know what your fellow flesh eater is going through, and its the un-written rule that has been with you from birth, but untill this very moment you have never needed to tap into its structure. and that rule is  “meat eaters don’t eat from each other” instead they adopt the vampire way like some kind of survival tactic, and like the day that calf first learnt to walk before its brutal demise you just know what you have to do, and instinct takes over quicker than a powerful poltergeist.

Just like the way it is second nature for a Vampire to hunt humans for sustenance.

Humans will quickly learn how to feed their addiction by hunting vegetarians.


One Response to “Vegetarians vs Cannibals”

  1. olly Says:

    try and eat me bitch, ill come at you like a vegetarian viper.

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