The Marathon Man


RACE organisers say a red-faced Sunderland runner has admitted cheating after he was spotted jumping on a bus before finishing a marathon in third place.

The Sunderland Harrier, disembarked just before the end of the Kielder Marathon and emerged from a wooded section of the course to rejoin the race and pick up the bronze medal.

But the runner, who just 24 hours earlier had won a 10K race, was spotted by a number of witnesses, and organisers were left with no alternative but to disqualify him after Sunday’s event.

The Sunderland Runner, initially denied that he cheated, saying “I ran the whole race” but organisers say he has now admitted his guilt.

Suspicions were raised after a number of runners reported being bemused by Sloan’s third place after they failed to see him pass during the race.

A statement from the organisers said: “Last night we confirmed that the athlete who was disqualified on Sunday, after initially placing third, has admitted that he failed to complete the whole course of 26.2 miles.

The Moss Man Aka “The Marathon Man” Will Not Be Happy!

Song: Melody Day – Caribu


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