Mouth Melt Down!


When you visit the twisted world of Florian Mews and you’re presented with a plate of finely cut pork pie’s with a strange orange substance lurking on the side my advise would be, stay clear of this devil’s sauce and what ever you do, do not sample what it has to offer! If you know what is good for you’ll stick to your dry standard pork pie!

At least the beastly juices didn’t have the same kick as BIO HAZARD!


2 Responses to “Mouth Melt Down!”

  1. phatpigeon Says:

    got some of this like, been mixing it in with plenty o’food since i bought it. No bio hazard like haha

  2. Vincent Black Shadow Says:

    when you’re next expecting the burn and you take the whole lot of the plate………….. instant hotness haha, i shud have known better with it being down tusks!

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