Frame Wars: The Return Of Ham


 – A cut above the rest –

In the dying embers of two thousand and eleven i went in search of a change, that change being a new frame as i thought the trusty 2009 20.5 steven Hamilton (Old Painless), although serving me well had run its course and me and the metal horse needed to go our separate ways.

After scanning a batch of bicycle structures in various shapes and sizes i opted for a the signature 20.5 fit ben lewis frame. Upon getting my hands on one of the elusive creatures i sold the Hamilton and set about getting used to my new stallion which i named,

“The Ghost Of Jordan Henderson”

Every frame should be given a name as without, it’s just a soulless piece of metal.

Fast forward many winter moons and like a weak-minded ex-alcoholic lost in the desert who had been granted on last drink before passing away but this drink is not all plain sailing as attached to this gift is one foul catch, the liquid in question could not have an alcoholic content. You know while lying on his death-bed of sand supping back on some kind of fizzy muck he wishes he never gave up alcohol in the first place. and perched in his palm was a Treble Whiskey On The Rocks!

Was it in fact my soul what i had sold on? as this new frame just didn’t feel right, like biting into a scotch egg to find it’s just an empty sausage shell or turning up at a police conference with a suit made from freshly cut pig skin.

I thought i was going to be stuck with this new ghost for all eternity, but luckily for me that all changed upon receiving  a message one night asking if i would like to repurchase my old frame! my trusty steed “old painless” a chance to be reunited at last.

After letting it go i thought i would never see the day me and painless would be able to let rip and gallop into the midnight air like atilla the hun on a rampage for death, but now i have the beast back in my possession and this time it’s for good!

Straight away it felt like my bike and the moral behind this story of pigs, souls, guns from predator, ex alcoholics and metal structures is, don’t replace something that isn’t broken.

“you’ll never walk alone”


One Response to “Frame Wars: The Return Of Ham”

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