The Dark Matter By Olly Olsen


I finished reading the dark matter on monday afternoon, It took me two attempts to scan the words within. If you haven’t already got a copy of this book on route click the link at the bottom of the post and Get Involved, You’re eyes and mind won’t be disappointed.

Cover By Robert Hutchinson

A story of a dysfunctional relationship set against an overwhelmingly mundane background. The city is all powerful in its neon lit omnipresence. Both man and woman are oppressed by the triviality of life, a relationship divided by modern world distractions and thinking, two people cohabiting the same space while simultaneously entirely unaware of each others true existence. A mental journey of thoughts and cross thought processes. The Dark Matter is about searching for a reason to exist in a unforgiving and unrewarding world. It’s a tale of obsession, madness, anarchist politics, wigga fashion and an insatiable lust for Custard Creams.

– NoMeatBalls –

‘Postal strikes, adverse weather, damages in transit, theft and exotic animal attacks are all dangers to the package. I’m a veritable nervous wreck.

Sam is obsessive, overweight, disconnected and living in his own nightmare world, a world which doesn’t appear to include Millie. The Dark Matter is a doomed relationship story involving biscuits.

Purchase The Dark Matter Here or Contact Olly


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