Whiskey & Swine


 I recall being awoken from a strange nightmare, dazed and confused it left me shook to the core of my very existence as a tale of real terror had been playing out within the space between my human skull. If i remember correctly that tale goes something like this, I was lurking around in the murky darkness of a black forest when a voice sounded out from the distance “FLESH, I DEMAND MY BLOODY FLESH” this was repeated over and over again getting louder with each outing. As the voice drew closer my mind began to wonder Then suddenly the old withered tree’s standing directly behind me began to creak it almost sounded like the groan of a classic 80’s zombie, as i turned to confront this night caller i found myself standing face to skull with around seven or eight complete walking pig skeletons.

These strange death swine’s stopped around 3 1/2 human foot steps away from me where the remained motionless untill the closest of the pack which i gathered to be “THE SWINE KING” raised its skull now looking me straight in the eye and repeated, “FLESH,I DEMAND MY BLOODY FLESH” i could see this pigs entire dental formula which rendered me speechless which in turn allowed my brain to pick at this strange situation i found myself in and try to work out the meaning of it. Within the dream i had gotten it into my head that like the old advert that once played out on tv where the cows wanted their milk back, some how these pigs of my imagination demanded back every last piece of pork i had ever consumed, as if it were their last bid to be whole again, a pig in its natural form as without its flesh and organs it’s just another victim of time, a piece of non-edible history.

Back to the part where i had just awoken from the Terrible Dream.

I decided to have a shot of room temperature whiskey to calm my nerves, upon knocking back this medicine i started to feel quite strange. I reached across the room for my camera to quash these bizarre thoughts i was having, Because of the dream, i had come to the conclusion that the flesh that was wrapped around my skull had vanished, disintegrated, ceased to be, leaving behind a human face in its barest form. I took a photo and without looking at the outcome placed my camera back on its perch then turned and went back sleep. (Sleep: a condition of body and mind such as that which typically recurs for several hours every night, in which the nervous system is inactive.)

Below is the photo that was taken from the night in question.

– Beware Savage Henry –


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