The Bash Modification


Eastern Bikes 44 Tooth Bash Guard

If you were to show a 44 tooth chain ring to the newer generation of the BMX world, would they even know what they were looking at? or would you witness eyes of sheer disgust examining its every curve like some kind of poisonous prehistoric fossil? I recall a time when it was standard procedure to rock a 44 tooth chain ring with a 16/18 tooth freewheel. Those days were brutal times……. Those days were Good Times!!!

The Fossil

Required Tools For The Task Ahead

The same Hacksaw that brought life to the Seaburn rails.

Nuts & Bolts acquired while working in Durham Prison.

The End Result: No More Chain & Chain Ring Murkage

Who needs to fork out the £50.00 for an Odyssey million dollar sprocket when you can turn once discarded junk into perfection. I have yet to fully put the end product to the test but with a BMX part built around the mid 90’s and two industrial bolts the once held metal stairs together in Durham prison, is there any way it can fail?

The Vulture Aka Ol’ Painless


2 Responses to “The Bash Modification”

  1. SR7BMX Says:

    That’s some good thinking my friend, well done!

  2. Mr Maw knows the score. Says:

    This has made my day. Saw shit up and bolt it on. A grand job.

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