Washington: OXCLOSE is the location!

New metal STRUCTURE!


6 Responses to “Searching!”

  1. Scott Thompson Says:

    Yo we checked this place out the other day that pegs to drop is bigger than it looks like.

    • Vincent Black Shadow Says:

      did you wax it up? me cragz and broge went on monday and it was pre waxed……………

      • Scott Thompson Says:

        Nah we didnt ride it like just looked at it

        • Vincent Black Shadow Says:

          Took the photo’s for Newrick & Cookie as they wanted to ride it…… so it might have been them when i took them photo’s it was proper sticky!

          Seen your rail edit that thing looks amazing like, me and rax are gona get another one from doxy and attempt to make one!

  2. SR7BMX Says:

    I need to get over that way as soon as possible man, looks like street heaven!

    • Vincent Black Shadow Says:

      While this weather continues to get worse i have been searching the Google maps for hidden treats! found a few new things i want go and check out!

      I will get some photo’s next its dry and latch them on here for all to see!

      Got a few edits dropping soon so keep a look out!


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