Pumpkin Head Of Sorts.


– The photo was not edited or tampered with in any way –

I woke with a reptile behind the eyes, my mouth wasn’t living and my pockets resembled that of an empty vessel. The Reason behind this, A night out on the liquid funk in Sunderland city center.

The first task of the day was battle the desert mouth with a brilliantly pre-planned glass of stock tap water and orange juice mixture. After the intake i reached for my mobile device to plot the day ahead, upon setting a plan in motion i decided to check my photo’s from the night before, Flicking through, most of them end up a mixture of either nothing or a complete blurred mess, indecipherable to any human eyes, even 20/20 vision would fail to unlock the maze that was my snake bitten, finger to camera movement from that night, That’s until i noticed the strange pumpkin head like creature in the photo above.

This photo was the only one that bared any resemblance to human form, And I believe PUMPKIN HEAD to be one of two people, it’s either Ant or Sirm, Looking closer three figures can clearly be seen within the confinements of this photograph and for me the key to unlocking the true identity of this disfigured night lurker is the T-Shirt, who owns this black scripted t-shirt? if it is you, inform me at once and reveal the man beneath the mask…. Mr Pumpkin Head.

I’m gonna take you where your body will lie
I’m gonna take you there, she said
I’m gonna show you where your life will end
This curse I cast, you’re Pumpkinhead

Keep away from Pumpkinhead
Unless you’re tired of living
His enemies are mostly dead
He’s mean and unforgiving


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