Oscillopsia – A Kalvin Wynn Story


Oscillopsia is a visual disturbance in which objects in the visual field appear to oscillate. The severity of the effect may range from a mild blurring to rapid and periodic jumping.

Oscillopsia is an incapacitating condition experienced by many patients with neurological disorders. It may be the result of ocular instability occurring after the ocular motor system is affected, no longer holding images steady on the retina. A change in the size of the vestibulo-ocular reflex due to vestibular disease can also lead to oscillopsia during rapid head movements.

Oscillopsia may also be caused by involuntary eye movements such as nystagmus, or impaired coordination in the visual cortex (especially due to toxins) and is one of the symptoms of superior canal dehiscence syndrome

I just nearly choked on my own throat there

Filmed, Staring & Narrated by Kalvin Wynn


One Response to “Oscillopsia – A Kalvin Wynn Story”

  1. marquiest Says:

    your fucking Epic as hell for over coming that condition and still stredding much Respect

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