The Case Of Joy Division


I found this album on bonfire night in the mid 90’s tucked inside an old brown leather suitcase. It was the first album i owned on vinyl…. I now have around 300 of them stacked in my place of rest and i lay blame on this single tattered Joy Division album. I remember there being around 40 different albums in the case and most were used as make shift frisbees before being burned but for some reason i decided to take this one home!

Recorded: 26th November 1979

The Peel Sessions is a collection of the two Peel Sessions recorded by Joy Division in 1979 for John Peel’s radio show on BBC Radio 1. Previously the recordings were available on two EPs of the same title, released in 1986 and in 1987. None of the songs had been released before the transmissions.

Side A: 1 Love Will Tear Us Apart, 2, 24 Hours

“Destiny unfolded, I watched it slip away”


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