Street MEAT


Three Men, One Bmx, Four Pegs, No Brakes, Copious Amounts Of Booze & Shit Sarnie On New Years Eve!

“Souter if we fall off it’s garna be bad this ya nar”

“This ones for me dead homies”

Someone kicked is in the throat

“Look at that Irn-Bru”

“you know what it is, that’s what i knew was garna happen!”

“I would have made that corner if it wasn’t for D”

I was ready to jump off the back until we went our the bars

“when we went past that car i though we were in manual”

“I’m surprised we are actually canny good”

“It won’t stop recording” “I coz we went about 60 fucking mph”

The blood is on your handsThe Blood is on your hands


2 Responses to “Street MEAT”

  1. ant dubya (W) Says:

    Top notch night!! Was like being 16 again or something hahah. It gets better with each watch aswell!!
    Start as you mean to go on and all that…Drunk with pals and in pain but loving life

  2. DABEST Says:

    This is the funniest shit I’ve seen in ages!

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