bug (2006)


Bug move poster 2006

Academy Award-winning director William Friedkin scuttles deep into the darkest recesses of the traumatized human psyche with this tale of a lonely bartender (Agnes) haunted by the long-ago disappearance of her young son, and the paranoia that emerges when she enters into a tentative relationship with a deeply disturbed drifter (Peter).

Bug (2006)

An unhinged Gulf war veteran holes up with a lonely woman in a run-down Oklahoma motel room. He explains how he was infected with a “bug” while serving in the Middle East, and that it may have been deliberately administered as part of a secret military medical experiment.

Peter becomes convinced that the microscopic insects are quickly multiplying just under the surface of his skin and that they have now infected Agnes as well, he soon descends into a uncontrollable psychotic rage. As the line between reality and delusion is blurred he resorts to increasingly desperate measures to purge himself of the offending sub-dermal arthropods and escape the claustrophobic nightmare.

Bug (2006) Parasite

Peter Evans: It’s a surveillance tool. It’s a microchip that’s been implanted in the skin of every human being born on the planet since 1982. The test group for the prototype was the People’s Temple! And when the Reverend Jim Jones threatened to expose them, he and every member of his church were assassinated!

Average Film……. CLASSIC SCENE!

Machine,  Machine, Machine, Machine, Machine….


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