JUDEX (1963)


Judex film poster 1963

The characters and plot convolutions of the classic silent French serial Judex are thrust into a 1960s framework in this Georges Franju concoction. Channing Pollock plays a mysterious masked avenger who kidnaps evil-banker Michel Vitold, then sets about to turn the banker’s friends and loved ones against him. At first appearing to be as wicked as his captive, Pollock is actually motivated by familial love: his father had been driven to suicide by Vitold. Pollock is successful in destroying his enemy, adding spice to the program by wedding Vitold’s daughter Edith Scob. In keeping with the spirit of the original serial, Pollock pops in and out of the plotline decked out in impenetrable disguises. As with his earlier horror film Eyes without a Face (1960), Franju invests his two-dimensional material in Judex with three-dimensional characters.

Judex Movie

judex Film

Judex dove

Judex Edith Scob & Francine Bergé

Judex Black & White film 1963

judex 1963

Judex 1963 Georges FRANJU

judex dead pigeon

Full film below….. To watch with English subtitles, turn on CAPTIONS (under video, to the right-hand side) and click ENGLISH.


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