Mark Lawton’s SOLID DUKE


Solid DUKE bmx

Sunderland BMX nsf

44 Tooth Sprocket BMX

Solid Bikes BMX

Sunderland Bmx Unknown Parasites


5 Responses to “Mark Lawton’s SOLID DUKE”

  1. Wah Wah Watson Says:

    This ladies and gentlemen is how BMX was in the late 90’s early 00’s. And this bike is undoubtedly the heaviest bike i have ever touched!! Tiny bars to lift Double layered tyres with thorn proof innertubes and the rest is self explanatory.
    Also when riding brakeless was a “northern thing” and frowned upon!!

  2. Vincent Black Shadow Says:

    Me, Cragz, Bruce & Edwards all tried to ride this “BEAST” last night and FAILED…… It’s not even funny how heavy this prehistoric HORSE is! Mark didn’t think it was a problem and busted a flying 180!!!!

  3. Wah wah Says:

    Hahah aye this baby was from when men were men and bikes knew of no limits to how thick and heavy shit was. I recall watching mark with a pack of scouring pads padding his seat up. Like a roll of gaffa tape and a 12 pack of sponges. He rode this fucker with castillo bars about 10″ wide aswell.
    Im amazed he can walk

  4. olly Says:

    I remember this bike so well, me and mark both learned crank flips together at shields park in 98, he always had matt black bad ass bikes, he’s a land mark of the era with the b and the crankflip, I always loved his style.

    it was good to see you tonight d


    I hope the LCLs keep rolling forever more.

  5. VLAD Says:


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