The Mad Butcher (1971)


The Mad Butcher 1971 Film

– Meat Is Meat, But This SAUSAGE Is Special –

Recently released from a mental hospital, The Mad Butcher Otto Lehman (Victor Buono) is still seriously unhinged. With a healthy appetite for good meat and pretty women.

Otto resumes his profession as “the best butcher in Vienna” while obsessing over Berta, a sexy neighbor who loves undressing in front of her window. But when Otto’s nagging wife Anna threatens to have him recommitted to the hospital, Otto strangles her, then grinds up her body and sells it as a string of delicious sausages.

With his meat treats the hit of Vienna, Otto continues to grind people into sausage links, when friends and relatives start asking questions about Anna’s disappearance, they too start ending up in the butcher’s display case.


The words “Buon appetito” (Enjoy Your Meal) appear over the final shot, a close-up of the sausages made when Victor Buono falls into the meat-grinding machine. After a few seconds, the letter “O” is added, changing the caption to “Buono appetito.” (Good Appetite)

The Mad Butcher 1971 Sausage

The plot for The Mad Butcher appears to be inspired by the grisly real-life case of Fritz Haarmann, the so-called “Butcher of Hanover” who abused and murdered a number of young boys in the early 1920s. Haarman then dismembered his victims and peddled meat from their bodies; selling it as black market pork in the streets of Hanover.

Friedrich Heinrich Karl “Fritz” Haarmann was convicted and found guilty of 24 murders and executed on April 15, 1925

(October 25, 1879 – April 15, 1925)

Hannover, Prozeß gegen Friedrich Haarmann(Fritz Haarmann being led into court in December 1924)

Haarmann was executed by guillotine. His last words before he was beheaded were: “I repent, but I do not fear death.”


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