Another Day Another VULTURE Story!


Griffon Vulture Attacking WolfThe body of a 52-year-old woman who fell to her death in the Pyrenees was devoured by Griffon vultures before emergency services were able to retrieve it.

Furious locals are demanding that authorities take action against the endangered carrion-eaters after they left only the woman’s bones, clothes and shoes for burial.

Farmers want to be given the right to shoot the protected birds, which have reportedly also begun attacking live animals since a European edict that dead livestock must not be left in the fields.

The campaign is gathering pace after the latest incident, in which a woman slipped and fell down a 1,000ft slope on the Pic de Pista after taking a short cut while walking with two friends, they believed the woman died in the fall, but added that there was little left of her by the time a search party found her body.

Vulture Logo‘When we first went out in the helicopter looking for the body, we saw numerous vultures without realising what they were doing,’ he said.

‘There were only bones, clothes and shoes left on the ground, They took 40 to 50 minutes to eat the body.’

For centuries, the Pyrenean farmers lived in symbiotic harmony with the griffon vulture. Wheeling over their flocks and fields, the birds were seen as neither a threat nor even a nuisance, but as a vital part of the ecosystem.

When farmers had to dispose of a dead animal, they would simply take it to one of hundreds of carcass dumps scattered across the moutains where the scavengers gathered to do their work. But now, after an EC ruling that dead animals must be burned due to the danger of BSE transmission, the vultures’ food supply has been critically lowered and they have been forced to spread further afield.

This has critically lowered the food availability of the scavenging birds.

Griffon Vulture Attacking A FoxLike other vultures, the Griffon is a scavenger, feeding mostly on carcasses of dead animals which it finds by soaring over open areas, often moving in flocks. The maximum lifespan recorded for a specimen kept in captivity is 41.4 years.

Fear of vultures has been growing in recent years as they have spread from their mountain eyries.

French news weekly Le Nouvel Observateur, in 2007 reported of ‘Mutant Vultures‘, with one woman saying that a group of the birds, whose wingspans can exceed seven feet, gathered menacingly near to where her children were sitting.

One farmer, Alain Larralde, said he saw a group of vultures attack and start eating an adult cow. There have been reports of live animals carried off.

‘You can’t imagine what it is like to see an animal eaten alive.

tropic thunder Jeff Portnoy I'm gonna bite his hideTropic Thunder (2008)

Jeff Portnoy: “I’m gonna bite his hide. I need… I need to wear his stomach skin like a unitard.”


4 Responses to “Another Day Another VULTURE Story!”

  1. olly Says:

    The LCL product did arrive, and yes I like it, the rich green fabric is much to my liking, it brings back memories of many summer days, shimmering light blessed afternoons with friends, laughing side by side with a female entity and lazing happily on the banks of a river and as things turn from friends to more than that a wild strain of excitement boils within, or sitting in a hendon based wall of fame and loosing the plot over pieces of abstract colour and line, afternoons in the park sat on toptube chatting shit, or a million other times around the region and beyond, all tinged in that familiar green.


    • Vincent Black Shadow Says:

      haha good to hear. I was thinking “The Package” may have went AWOL, resulting in…….. A real life DARK MATTER with a hint of psychotic breakdown for good measure!

      An adaptation of sorts!

      If that was the case, Man Bites Dog (1992) would have been your only option!

      Ben continues his candid explanations and appalling rampage, shooting, strangling, and beating to death anyone who comes his way: women (he is profoundly misogynistic), immigrants (he is a racist xenophobe), and POSTMEN (his favorite targets).

  2. Evan Gallagher Says:

    “you can’t imagine what is like to see an animal eaten alive” …wtf is this shit, yes ive watched NOVA or those graphic nature programs, fuck this PG13 bullshit world we live in hahaha. Be mad at vultures because they ate meat instead of respectfully morning the idiotic granny like a good and moral christian human being would do

    • Vincent Black Shadow Says:

      Hear, hear!

      Vultures live in a perfect over-sized bird society, They don’t care what color you are or what your religious beliefs are…… They will eat you all!

      True S(K)AVANGERS!

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