Wembley 2014


If Sunderland made it through to the the semi-finals of the FA cup I would have been in London today but they DIDN’T so here is a few photo’s from the day and the night before the capital one cup final against Manchester City that took place on the 2nd of March 2014….

London UndergroundYou want more money – of course I don’t mind
To buy nuclear textbooks for atomic crimes

Unknown ParasitesWembley Way bumped into Parkin.

Unknown ParasitesSAFC – FTM

Sunderland Til I DIESunderland Til I DIE: Inside wembley paying £5 a pint………

JFK STATUE LONDONJFK Statue 1917 – 1963

street MEATStreet MEAT

SunderlandPre Match Entertainment.

SunderlandSunderland HEAD Attire

Unknown ParasitesUnknown Parasites

SunderlandWembley Awaits.

Sunderland FlagSaturday Night STREET Party

plot lossBill Lads 2nd Half PLOT LOSS…..


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