Extraction Shift


A short video spotted on GREY HAVEN

Extraction Shift explores a world that appears dystopian, yet the reality achieved is one we have strived for. In a reconfigured landscape, the conditioned industrial day‐to‐day practices are re‐applied to the new environment. This becomes apparent when we clock into places of recreation or when the call centre worker mans their workstation like a loom.

In this period of mans progression through the technological and intelligence economy, our most profitable resource has become data produced via online social platforms.

With vast amounts of data produced by over a billion users, this enables companies to assume a unique position. Allowing them to generate new economic growth, but also to study a user’s habits, and experiment with behavioural patterns while we remain constantly connected, generating new economies without conscious consent.

This allows prolific online companies to; persuade users to spend more time on the sites generating more resources. Manning a digital loom, the subject of clause in the relationship between worker and profiteer is unclear; the user becomes producer and the resource to be mined. Mining personal data is a billion‐dollar business designed to garner eyeballs, elicit purchases and shape behaviour.


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