Street Trash (1987)


Street Trash 1987 Film PosterThings in New York are about to go down the toilet…

Street Trash 1987

Street Trash 1987 Headless“I wrote it to democratically offend every group on the planet, and as a result the youth market embraced it as a renegade work, and it played midnight shows.”

Street Trash 1987 Movie

Street Trash 1987 Film

When the owner of a liquor store in lower Manhattan finds a case of 60 years old “Viper” in his cellar, he decides to sell it to the local hobos at one dollar a bottle, unaware of its true properties, The drink causes its consumers to melt away in a hideous fashion. At the same time, two homeless brothers find themselves up against the effects of the toxic brew, while an overzealous cop is trying to get to the bottom of all the deaths, all the while trying to end the tyranny of deranged Vietnam veteran Bronson.


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