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Long Of The Tyne.



Straight floatin’ on a boat
on the deep blue sea.
Busting five knots,
wind whippin’ out my coat.
You can’t stop me muthafucka
cause I’m on a boat…


A Day In The Depths.


What better way to spend a day than missioning about going to questionable lengths to explore unseen depths and get some shots in the process? (well, surely better than lying in hospital with a broken skeleton)

It was questionable indeed, damp, hungover yet somehow enjoyable, id been wanting some tunnels to mission for a while and these provided the perfect scene for some long exposure action, hidden in the depths of seaham heres a little digital insight into the underground world

into the unknown
getting deeper underground

Theres light at the end of the tunnel
Will gets creative
deep down underground twissler

Photo Of The Week


Full post of the nights actions coming soon…

Photo Of The Week.


What happens when you are confronted with a demon? the demon being “finding a whole chocolate cake in the snow” well i was one on one with such a dilemma and for me there could be only one outcome. fueled by the farringdon clubs finest i decided to take it on with a no holds barred attitude and give myself a facial with this urban treat. Above you can clearly see the aftermath of destruction with a nice case of total eye socket melt down. I would like to think if you were to find yourself in the same predicament i was in, you would do the same.


Photo Of The Week.


– stylish intake fit for an english king –

Put together this brutal mixture is an unstoppable force and with a price tag of £3.20 for 2 ice-cold LCL and a bag of itchy pig skin, can you go wrong? and the answer to that is NO, the salted madness that is pork scratching brings the flavour for raw LCL to the peaks of perfection and sends your palate into a frantic lust for more, and once combined there’s no turning back.

Please heed this warning, a liquid of such quality sinks very fast and before you know it you will be rolling 20 deep.

If you do get the chance to test this catastrophic mixture, i advise you to let rip and take it on with a no holds barred attitude and i assure you the wild times are ahead. LCL may only rock the 5% sign but by god it packs a naughty punch and without doubt it’s one potent bastard you should not mess with.

I myself only get to sample the delights of the mouth masterpiece on a pre match gunners club session. but while out don’t be put off by the lack of LCL suppliers in your town or city as a good standard bag of pork with mix with any cold lager.

Photo Of The Week.


SUNDERLAND stunned Chelsea as they made a mockery of the Blues’ home record.

Carlo Ancelotti’s side had not conceded in the league at Stamford Bridge since March. They were also unbeaten there in their last 11 matches – a run that stretches back to February.  However, the Black Cats ripped apart a Chelsea side with a ruthless display of attacking football. Nedum Onuoha, Asamoah Gyan  and Danny Welbeck grabbed the goals as the Blues were humiliated.

Onuoha dribbled through the Chelsea defence to put Sunderland in front.The effort was more like something Lionel Messi would score than the former England Under-21 right-back.He dribbled past three Blues defenders before slotting home the opener in style.

Chelsea’s afternoon got worse in the 52nd minute when Sunderland opened up the defence once more and Gyan added the second. Jordan Henderson collected the ball from Welbeck and put Gyan clear via a deflection off Ivanovic. The Black Cats striker made no mistake as he slipped the ball beyond Cech. The Blues were now rocking and unable to cope with Sunderland’s quick passing and movement.

Boudewijn Zenden almost made it three for the visitors when he tried to divert the ball past Cech from close range. But the rout was complete when Welbeck steered in Ashley Cole’s woeful back pass to leave the Blues red faced.

Photo Of The Week.



While out on an attempted footage mission in bidick yesterday we stopped off at the local convenience store, i stocked up on a cheap substitute of irn bru call “fabulous iron brew” and the fucker tasted like a bad batch of filthy wetness, but all was not wasted while paying for this bru mockery i happened to lock socket on four slabs of the world-famous “DAMBURGER” aka damager & the holy grail. If for some reason you have never allowed damburger into your body i advise you to make this a priority on your things to do list, and if this review i found doesn’t make you thirsty your obviously TT, “Pale gold, thin but lasting white head and moderate condition. Low grassy hops and gentle grain in the nose, low fruity sweet malt with a gentle malty sweet finish” go out and hunt this 5.1% masterpiece. warning this intake may damage the rest of your life.

Photo Of The Week.


Floor (1) deechio (0)

After a mixture of plainsy and inn place club pints my brain to body functions were not at their best and the fact the sky had ben leaking its juices all day did not help the matter, intoxicated to the nines i decided to walk through doxford park, im not sure if i was day dreaming or mulling over the terrible defeat of the day, but with a wet floor and a wet mind the inevitable happened in the form of a slippery mud slope to hell and i rode the fucker out like a pro, lying at the bottom looking at what i had just fell down made me laugh hysterically like some kind of mentally ill hyena and attempting to take a photo at the same time as this wasnt an easy task, but i managed to get this.

if you imagine this scale of mud but all over your not far off what i looked like.

Photo Of The Week.


They say it’s grim up north and by the look of this weeks photo i would have to agree, who in the right mind thinks it’s a good idea to batter a crab stick? even the word crab stick is a mockery as they don’t even contain crab they are made from the left over trash of White Pollack Meat.

Straying away from the visual side for a moment and taking a deeper look into these words, who are “they” I always see they popping up on the news and in people’s statements, is it a kind of underground cult or just a bunch of fat old men congregating in a smoky room drinking vintage whiskey and deciding on the good and bad bits of this strange world, inevitably coming to the conclusion that it is indeed grim up north.

I came across the poster for this fishey delight after having a good old fashion curb session down Morrison’s with ben, hunger stuck and we agreed it was time for an intake of tommy’s (fish shop). While standing in the queue i locked on to this so-called deal, i couldn’t belive what i was seeing surly this mixture just doesn’t work for me this is like the mix of cheap vodka & semi skimmed milk you just don’t it.

Well at least it’s an easy thing to say that i stayed well clear of this terrible treat and opted for fish Pattie and chips with a healthy helping of salt and vinegar for a straight two quid you can not go wrong especially when you have a good standard irn bru to wash it down. I would like to know where the idea for this filthy mixture originated? and is it a world-wide delicacy? or even worse have you given in to temptation and tried this 5 for a pound bargain.

Photo Of The Week.


This weeks digital insight is a photo taken by H-MAN, it’s from the aftermath of the pigs in wigs video premiere that took place last night in Newcastle. if your into classic uk street skating the dvd will be available to buy soon at

This bunch of unsavoury characters me included were snapped lurking around outside the Tyne Bar. fueled by the finest pints known to man, (Samuel Smith’s Pure Brew) if you get the chance go hunt down this 5% taste sensation as if it can knock a plainsy club pint down the pecking order you know it’s good. Check this review, “One of the very best British brewed lagers on the market from the company that certainly knows a thing or two about its craft.”

Photo Of The Week.


The return of SAVAGE HENRY.

With 15 – 20 people in one caravan on a saturday night the temprature began to rise. DCHUM was on the Jack Daniels and it was going down a treat, complete with ice to keep it cool and fresh lime for added twang.

Knowbody knows for certain if it was the heat or the whisky or perhaps a strange mixture of both. Only Savage himself has the answer to this, but around 10.00 pm upon a return trip from the toilet the inevitable happened.

Caught on camera for possibly the first time is this strange morphing process, Towards the left of the photograph you can clearly see the face of SAVAGE rising from the slurry of factor 15. Within minutes of taking this photo the full might of Savage Henry’s twisted tranistion was realised and the transformation was complete.

Full post of the nights events coming soon…

Photo Of The Week.


Straying away from bird flu injections and toxic nostril intake of the worst kind, this weeks photo involves a two-wheeled machine and a new generation SBR rider, who goes by the name of Raymond “Rax” Inskipp, not to be mistaken with Raymond van Barneveld, but this quarter turn bar, hand to seat grab action definitely has the precision of a treble twenty. If you’re in the mood for some rail action the location for this circus like maneuver took place in st Roberts college bidick washington.

All week i have had this photo on lock down knowing it was being used for this post untill yesterday after the 0 -0 draw with Manchester united i had a slight doubt, it started when i was walking away from the ground and noticed the old chap just up ahead had a classic neck tattoo, once in my vision i had the frantic task to close down and scavenge a photo of this inked madness. May i add it was not easy, the old age pensioner in question was moving at a staggering pace. And i had sirm on the phone asking me about my nights movements, leaving me with one chance to steam forward and get it before he disappeared into a sea of red & white shirts, it goes without saying i took this opportunity like a pro.

After deciding to stick with the twisted trickery it would be a shame for the other photo to get lost in the archives after my mammoth task, so below is the outcome of the bounty hunters mission.

Photo Of The Week


Oranjeboom wasn’t enough for the lad, instead with ant looking away in disgust he opted to push the boat out and take his already messy state to the next level. What followed was an intake of liquid gold from the inner pocket of broges tweed jacket. Shortly after this drastic inhalation of filth mr dawson vanished, im not quite sure if it was into thin air or back to his humble abode as he has not been seen since. If your still alive steven drop a comment on your nights movments after byers’s loft.

Photo Of The Week


Hopefully a new feature to NOMEATBALLS, we are going to try and do a photo of the week which will go on here every sunday, this week we have the mad hatter himself Chris “the bird man” Souter force feeding a chicken a toxic batch of narcotics through a syringe.